Gluten Free Update

I am in love with going gluten free. I hit my two month mark this week and let me tell you about my symptoms now.

My mood is ten times better like beforehand I would have moments when I would feel so low (as if my serotonin was depleting) but now I haven’t had that feeling maybe only once. When I did feel it, I told a friend and he was like “do this, it’ll be alright,” then I felt better. As simplistic as that sounds that’s what happened. Also notice I don’t get as annoyed or irritated as easily.

I have decided to give up soda or at least cut way back on it. Last Saturday I accidentally went the whole day with caffeine and ended up with a headache.

Now I will not lie, I have had some gluten here and there but nothing like before. And I am finally substitutions to help. What I have learned though is your tastes buds will change so I’m not craving those foods as much anymore. I feel for those with Celiac disease because even if I eat gluten my stomach hurts.

I have lost about 15 lbs in the past two months and plan on maybe doing some weight loss or gluten free videos. I just read some comments on here (sorry I didn’t notice them, I thought I only had 3 when in reality there were more so thank you for reading). To be honest I was expecting people to read my writing on here. But I do like writing a bit more. In the meantime if you enjoy watching videos I just did an unboxing for Hellofresh (gluten free options) to save money and meal prep.

Unboxing Hellofresh my first order plus it’s gluten free!

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