Gluten Free Shopping

I am very happy today because when I went to the dollar store I made a discovery of gluten free strawberry wafers. That would be the last place I would expect to find a food item that was specifically gluten free on purpose with that certified gluten free mark. Now here’s what I’ve learned if it says it is Gluten Free certified then in production they made sure no gluten cross contaminated. If it says gluten free means no gluten was used. And even if it doesn’t say it’s gluten free it could be. I always check for gluten or wheat just in case. If I am unsure I stay away from it just in case.

I have actually found shopping for gluten free has been pretty easy. I stay to the outside of the grocery store and I try to stick with whole foods. Head’s up watch out for some healthy foods for gluten like yogurt or condiments. Any time something needs almost like a thickening. Now while I am gluten free I’m not necessarily anything else like diary free or sugar free. I do try to stay low carb. I do eat rice and I’ve learned it’s the best substitution.

The hardest part of gluten free is actually eating out in restaurants or when you eat at someone else’s house. But when in doubt go for a vegetable and a meat. I try to stick with whole foods.

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