Recent Rejection

I was recently rejected and it did not go well for me at all. On top of it, neither us handle it well. It was definitely a lesson I needed to learn but after it all there is something that I am proud of. I will not speak ill of someone who cannot defend themselves but I learned from this experience how to acknowledge red flags. I will keep things vague on purpose as for his own privacy.

It was definitely a learning experience for relationships and learning more about myself. I am surprised at how well I am moving on. It’s not like we were close so that may have helped. I’ve heard once in order to get over someone it takes half the time to get over them. So let’s say you liked someone for a month then it’ll probably take two weeks to move on.

Red Flags that stood out:

  1. Wanting people to be around without the effort to getting to actually know them. This was a problem of questioning if he could balance work and life along with setting healthy boundaries around him. This was the major one that stood out to me because it is something I am working on myself.
  2. No real priorities just wishes. If you want a higher position or to be more successful you can’t just wish it. You actually need to live it. Making sacrifices where you need to.
  3. We’re adults with responsibilities. While you can do something doesn’t always mean you should.

Basically him and I just were not a match while having things in common. It was lesson I needed to learn but I am proud of myself for walking away when my intuition was screaming at me to do so. It’s was like wow here I am realizing I deserve better.

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