Keto Friendly

I recently turned back to the keto diet. I am struggling a lot with my weight which in turn causing health issues that would be lessen if I was a healthier weight.

Now, heres the thing. I am familiar with Ketosis due to my biochemistry class in college, we even had to draw the mechanism. At the time I didn’t put together it was a fad diet. Just thought it was one of the metabolic mechanism opposite to glycolysis.

I’ve read scientific journal articles and the medical background to Keto. Here’s my opinion; only those with actual health issues like epilsey, diabetes, cancer and some others should really try keto.

Now I am still gluten free because gluten will be found in carbs. Keto helps me with inflammation big time.

The other thing, Keto and I get along really well. I spoke with my endocrinologist to see if I could stay with it and he said yes. The only thing is I’ll have to have my TSH checked more often due to the weight loss.

I’m looking forward to seeing this through and the only real problem I have is meal planning. I’ve already lost 10lbs in one week but I am assuming thats water weight and inflammation.

I haven’t started a strict regime yet because it’ll be a lot of work and I want to make sure I get used to what I can and cannot eat.

I am hoping to put something together after a successful month of Keto. I have no intentions of stopping it and cheat meals don’t seem that appealing to me right now. The keto diet keeps me full and I’m not hungry all the time.

We shall see where this leads to and I’m hoping to have more success.

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