Stuck in Limbo

Currently I am having a hard time moving on from someone. He rejected but then has made things awkward. Also has been really disrespectful after i tried to make things right for him. It was like he blamed me for being rejected. He is a very childish person.

I would love to move on but we work together. I’m constantly around him and i heard all about his drama from others. Which is ironic because he said I was the one who brought drama.

Eventually i will move on and i really wish it was sooner rather than later. I’ve come to realize it may not just be him I need to move on from.

Who you keep in your company really says something. And our experience together has made me realize i was able to be attracted to this kind of person and allowed to be played. In a way he did play me. It was most definitely a lesson learned. I’m ready to move on and really wish i didn’t have to see him or hear about him.

Its not like we had anything special it was just unexpected. He hurt me. End of story. And I’m really hoping i move completely on here soon.

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