A friend or foe blog: New Chapter – Fall time

Starting this month, I am going to be doing some new accountability and creativity in my life. This will follow through into my blog. I am looking forward to this but also understand this is tentative. I have an idea but at the same time my life is going through a new transition in a sense so it may not work out the way I want it. Below are the things I want to do to my best ability. I am not making any promises but they are the goals I am working towards. Hopefully I can figure out the layout on my blog to make it look organized also.

Goals I have this fall (September – December)

  1. Hike weekly (backpacking trip at the end of November) this is something I’ve been wanting to do for years but now that I’m more financially stable and more confident I feel like its the best time to do it! Fingers crossed I meet some friends along the way.
  2. Saving money as always but I currently have a new job that I am being paid perfectly for me and my lifestyle. But I would like to save up money, eventually would like to attend a wellness retreat next week (when covid finally chills down)
  3. Losing weight as always but I want to get more serious with keto again. I want to work on my relationship with food.

Of course these are things I have to fit into my work schedule. I’m hoping this fall brings new opportunities and good people into my life. I want have fun this fall. I want to work on my own relationship with myself. Heal all wounds that prevent me from having the life I want. Unload some baggage.

As always I am working on one day at a time, one task at a time. It truly helps with my anxiety and when I get too caught up into life. I look forward to what I can achieve this fall and I look forward to sharing it with the world.

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