Weight Loss with Supplements

*this is for personal use only, not to be used as an official documentation or references; please always speak with your provider before making any dietary or health related changes*

In 2019, I was diagnosed with subacute thyroiditis. Months before I had gained up to 50lbs and felt like I had the flu everyday. I would be so tired all the time. My neck was even slightly swollen yet my ultrasound did not show anything major going on. For the past two years I have been working towards finding the right numbers, I have yet to reach optimal thyroid levels. It’s quite frustrating. I personally think that if I could lose some of my weight and eat better then it would help my thyroid. I’ve been working on my mental health too.

Well my biggest issue with any diets is I trouble with sticking to them. I’m going to be real, I get lazy and give up. I know not to overeat and to be careful about what I eat but I still struggle with it. I do have to say I eat a lot better than many years before me but some of that is because my stomach struggles with a lot of foods now. My favorite diet was keto diet but the cooking everyday and cleaning for a single person was becoming too much work. It’s a constant battle for me, if only I was rich enough to have my own home chef. With that being said, I am trying to find something that will help me a bit more to be able to stick to any diet I follow. I really just need my appetite to decrease.

I looked more into trying Glucomannan (a dietary fiber found in shitake noodles), it is a fiber that you take when you eat before a meal that expands in your stomach during digestion so you feel more full. There is no current FDA studies to prove that it helps with weight loss but in theory it should help with fullness to help with overeating. Along with taking vitamin D to help with my thyroid.

I am trying another experiment. Keto BHB help my appetite and I’m hoping glucomannan help also. I will only be weighing myself twice a week (monday morning and friday morning). I’m hoping to see some progress. I’m currently starting a new job so when that get’s more steady schedule then I’ll work towards working out everyday again. I’ve been doing at least 2-3 miles walks every weekend.

I will adding the results when I have some. But from my research, the glucomannan is expected to cause 5.5lbs lost in eight weeks with no changes to diet or exercise. I’m looking forward to seeing some result good or bad.

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