One of my biggest struggles with weight loss…

I’ve written so many blog posts on my struggles with weight loss. I have about a million at this point and some of which are completely true while others are excuses. But without a doubt I struggle the most with follow through or consistency. I give up too easily or I give in temptations too easily. Or there are some days I’m just lazy. I wouldn’t bet money on me losing money and maybe the lack of confidence is a key indicator. Though the times I have been successful especially when I hit 160lbs in college, each of those times I’ve been able to focus on myself. Basically I’m saying I didn’t have any drama going on and was able to follow through without negative people around me.

I’m a single woman, I wish I was in a serious relationship but I know I can’t get that until I start to take care of myself. With that in mind, I think by focusing on myself for a time period I’ll be able to lose weight. But it’s hard being on your own and alone. But I am hoping to lose weight again like I did in may. We shall see and I need to remember one day at a time.

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