Keto 2000000th time?

I love the keto diet. I do, I always lose a lot of weight and my health is always better for it. Being low carb for me has tremendously helped my stomach issues. As I’m growing older the more sensitive my stomach is becoming. It’s quiet annoying but even my father has the same issues so I should expect the same food sensitivities as him. I’ve tried keto countless times, I always end up losing 20lbs then gain back about 10lbs. I need to stop doing that but recently I made a huge decision in my life. One that I think will help me stay consistent in weight loss. I do have to say my mental health has been improving even. I still struggle with anxiety every once in a while but I feel more equipped to handle it. I’ve improved my coping skills and I think that’s why I am getting better at sticking at keto. I am not going to give up and keto is my favorite diet.

Now, each time I do keto I do pay attention to were I struggle with. Overall I would say laziness but in the sense that I don’t want to cook everyday and that I give into cravings. Another thing I struggle with is eating food with people. So I’m doing keto again but as the quote states “insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results,” I will be changing up how I do my keto. One, I hate keeping daily track of everything I eat down to the macros so I’ll probably keep up with my food journal which I have been using for the past two weeks. Except, I am just going to literally write the date and what I ate. That’s it. Then I bought an electrolyte mix to help with that and BHB pills. I also bought some fat bomb mix so I have something to help with cravings. I also have to remember that I’m not giving up foods, I am simply choosing to eat certain foods to get into ketosis and I want some fries every once in awhile then I can. I’m not going to drastic of forcing myself not to eat something. It’s hard to stay on keto when you want to just give into those easy convenient decisions that end up making you gain weight.

I am far from a perfect person, I’m actually lazy especially if something doesn’t stimulate my mind. But I actually have found some motivational tools (one of them is kind of mean) and I think this time I can make it pass two months.

There are two things I’m missing that would help me with keto…my why (a real hard cold reason why I want to lose weight) and rewards. I’m actually bad at rewarding myself, I’ve messed up that part of my brain by consuming certain foods whenever I want. Or it’s because I’m perfectionist that isn’t perfect majority of the time so I end up being hard on myself. I’m my own worst enemy *que the music.* What I want to happen and what will happen never ends up being the same thing. I’m trying to decide how to go about this in a psychology sense. Like tricking my mind sort of thing. Maybe if I wrote a letter to my future self?

I don’t know but I’m glad to be going back into the keto diet and watching for me to reach ketosis. Each time I do it I end up into ketosis pretty soon and it gets easier and easier. Maybe this time it’ll stick which gives me another great idea. I have so many great ideas, I just wish I was good at executing them better.

One day at a time and we shall see…

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