My first time with Keto Flu

The past few days I have been following a strict keto diet. I’m going to be honest, it’s been a struggle. The withdrawals have gotten to me. I’ve had irritability, headache, muscle cramp, and even brain fog. It’s been awful. I hate it but I know it’s an electrolyte imbalance because last time I struggled with the imbalance beforehand. I’m hating the muscle cramps and aches. I even left to go the store late at night for some potassium because that seems to be the only mineral I don’t have in a supplement form.

The afternoon irritability has made driving home from work even more fun… I’m pretty sure it’ll be over by the weekend but man it sucks. Though one good thing, my stomach hasn’t been bloated. I’ve also been drinking a lot of water…like a lot for me. I just need to get through this week. I actually read something very entertaining that has helped both my post break up blues and my keto.

“Carbohydrates are like your body’s version of your first love. They provide so much comfort, sweetness, and easy energy that we spend most of our time with them. It feels so right, it feels like true love, but it is mostly lust. The kind of lust that increases our risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. This is why breaking up with carbohydrates is a good idea for many people.

But — just like with any breakup — it is difficult at first. You crave them and yearn for them. It is so heart breaking — not because you needed them, but because you are so used to living with them.

This made me laugh at first because yes this describes my previous relationship and my relationship with food. It helped me put more perspective on my life. Hopefully, I can get over my keto flu. This has been the longest week. I tried to make some fat bombs but they did not turn out well. I bought some keto brownies for my sweet tooth. I also finally found a recipe to make cheese crisps. I am not working out for the next few days but I have been doing some stretches. I also think some of my irritability is from post break up blues. I’m ready to move on and I can tell I’m being impatient. I need to learn to focus on the moment more. One day at a time.

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