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Day 120 Completion

Confession time; I did awful in January. I spent the first two weeks counting calories and hitting a new weight loss goal. I was doing fine the first two weeks. The second two weeks hit me like a truck. I did awful. I’m trying to find the balance between criticism and not being too hard on myself. I haven’t been in ketosis in two weeks.

What happened was I counted calories for two weeks even lost a bunch of weight. Then the third week hit, I wasn’t forced but pressured into trying to go on a date or “talk” to people more. So I did this. I met a guy, very nice and we went on a date but he did not have health goals like I did. I gave into eating out and I couldn’t get back on track. My weight has fluctuated so much in the past three days, I am waiting to find out an actual weight loss or gain. I think because of the back and forth plus I’ve eaten a lot of gluten.

I will not be posting my weight loss results until my weight has stabilized. I learned a lot in those two weeks. I fell hard and I believe I did so because I had been counting calories which was depriving myself. I also noticed my ketones were lower than normal. I am trying not to be hard on myself but I didn’t want to count calories and I wasn’t ready. I should have listened to myself instead of trying to lose weight fast. My mood has been awful. I had bad acne and my back/neck area was hurting.

Radical acceptance. I did not do well in January but today is a new day and starting of a new month. I learned something valuable; focus on the progress instead of the results. My weight has fluctuated between 13lbs, I’m not kidding. I’ve been bloated for two weeks. I’m hoping to get back on track this week and feel better. I also realized my biggest issue with weight loss is my mental health and mentality.

Here are my goals for February…I’m not giving up just because I had a bad few weeks. And I’m not starting over. It was a bump in the road.

  1. Back to Basics – eat a protein, vegetable and fat for each meal. Keep it keto friendly. Watch the artifical sweeteners
  2. No eating take out and no soda – With this I have decided that when I want a cheat meal, I’m going to find a keto meal I want instead and not worrying about overeating. This will hopefully prevent falling off track but also satisfying whatever until I am able to get through those cravings more.
  3. TRACK my food – I’m serious, its not counting calories but it does give awareness the variety of foods you are eating. That way I know what needs improved.
  4. Reward system – because I have the habit of doing well the first two weeks each month and struggling the last two. I thought I should allow myself a reward after every two weeks. If I follow my goals pretty well I can pick what I want from a list of rewards I want or if I do okay with my goals then I’ll randomly pick and if I don’t do well then I’m not going to reward myself. I need to work on the mentality of things.
  5. Supplements – normally I don’t take them but I do think I need them.

I need to remember one day at a time. I also have something to lose weight for, a vacation in the summer. I have a goal weight picked and I should be able to reach it. I’m going to be okay. I’ve made the right steps to get back at it. It wasn’t like I wasn’t trying to get back on track.

I still have not conquered my reason for obesity but I do feel like I’m closer. I wish I could just do it but that doesn’t seem to work for me. Instead, I’m taking one day at a time. Look for my results after I’m back into ketosis again! I’m constantly learning and growing.


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