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Taking Accountability

Last month I fell hard, I spent the first two weeks counting calories and by the third week I gave into my hunger. I’m not going to lie it sucked and it’s taken me a couple weeks to get my mindset back to normal again. I went through some emotional stuff and being an emotional eater they did not go well together.

I am not going to count calories anymore. Instead, I am doing keto with intermittent fasting. I struggle with my blood sugar spikes so I’m hoping that by eating in a time frame I have less of those and eat less food. And let me tell you, I have it set up to where I don’t have to think about food as much because ideally you’re not supposed to. That being said I wanted to publicly put the weight I gained last month so I can finally accept that hey I messed up, I did great for two weeks and fell off hard. But you know what I’m not going to count calories because it does not help me personally. I actually had a friend tell me to only do intermittent fasting and eat less but I enjoy doing keto so does my digestive system. Plus it’ll make intermittent fasting easier for my body.

So I gained about 5lbs since the second week of January. My weight has fluctuated so much since then. One thing I’m learning is that I need to stay on the keto diet because when I do it’s easier. Then I added intermittent fasting to find a way to cut back on food and stop being so obsessed with food.

I feel like my mindset is back to normal so I wanted to share this. Yes, I failed in January but it was a huge learning lesson. And I’m hoping to be back down by the end of the month. I haven’t reached my conquering moment just yet but I feel like I’m on the edge of it. I suspect intermittent fasting will help my appetite control.


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