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How I Plan My Weeks

I thought I break down how I plan out my weeks. Of course, I keep them tentative because life happens but if I set up some how then I won’t struggle as much.

Meal Planning

I am trying to work on my relationship with food and I’ve found recipes I actually want to eat. I’ve also picked foods that are easy to put together. Minimal clean-up and won’t break my bank. I’ve learned as long as I have meals planned then I’ll probably end up sticking to it. This week I had everything planned but I didn’t meal plan. When I get home I get distracted and don’t feel like cooking.

Goals Next Week

Without telling the world my whole schedule; I normally work 8am-5pm. I try to go to bed by 10 and I wake up around 6. One thing I’ve learned recently if I have any light; I struggle sleeping that night. I also have ordered a bike and a bike stand that turns it into stationary.

  1. Two or more vegetables daily
  2. Drink 8 cups of water daily
  3. Get in my steps (5000)
  4. When my bike is ready; get at least 30 minutes on my bike daily. (That’s an extra 200 calories a day)
  5. Go to bed at 10, no light and wake up at 5:45
  6. Emotional Eating Journal

I’m hoping next week goes well, and I’m hoping to keep my apartment clean. I’m also hoping to go to bed on time and get some actual sleep. I’m looking forward to having a bike though, it’ll be nice and there’s this great trail near me. I’m not looking at my weight because I’m just trying to have better habits of course.


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