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Intuitive Eating

Let me first say, eating low carbs did wonder for my physical health. My hair, nails, skin, and mood were all regulated better. Unfortunately, I have a mild eating disorder and so diet mentality does affect my brain. I become too obsessed with weight loss in an unhealthy way.

I will say I have not gained any weight in the past month which is awesome. I also have not lost any weight. I’ve been working towards getting back to normal with my eating. Basically, I’m eating whatever I want when I’m hungry. I’m working towards fixing my relationship with food so I can naturally go back to low carbs since it did help my health.

For intuitive eating, I ask myself a lot if I’m actually hungry or I’m eating because I’m FLAB (frustrated, lonely, anxious, boredom). I actually have managed to stop snacking in the afternoon because of it, I will literally ask myself, “Am I hungry?” So it is working but not enough to lose weight.

I do want to lose weight for my health but if I have a disordered way of eating then I’ll never be able to successfully lose weight until I tackle the disordered eating.

It’s actually hard to intuitively eat when you’re so used to how you normally eat. I stopped weighing myself everyday and I stopped categorizing food as good or bad instead see it as which one is more beneficial. Here’s an example; I have an apple and peanut butter in front of me and then I have a candy bar in front of me. Neither of them are bad foods both can be enjoyable. It’s about looking at them both and seeing them as just food. Now, I would like to add more greens and vegetables to my eating habits so I can have a more balanced dietary lifestyle.

Its been a blast trying to work on it. I’m being sarcastic. I don’t like it because it’s giving myself the freedom to eat whatever I want but that’s the point. It’s about trusting yourself with food.

I also am working on my body image. I actually like the way I look literally the only thing I don’t like is my excessive fat.

Also, for intuitive eating its about not letting food be your focus in life and finding a hobby that involves exercise. So I bought a bike and its been great to have. It doesn’t even feel like exercise.

I am hoping to get my disordered eating recovered so I am able to lose weight. I miss having my nails be perfect.


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