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Recently, I took a break from trying to lose weight. Well more of the goal setting aspect but I still tried to get my mind right with disordered eating. I feel a lot better and wanting to jump back into goal setting. I am trying to make it painless and easy as possible.

I’m trying to get myself in that right mindset so that when tough times happen I can get through them.

Currently I am trying Intermittent Fasting with the goal of re-teaching myself my hunger cues, saving money on food because I’m eating less, and to break my habit of snacking. I currently eat whatever during my eating period because I want to create the habit of not eating so much. Then I will work towards adding low carb options. My end goal is to reach OMAD with Keto.

I have learned because of my disordered eating I can’t simply restrict myself. I need to make sure that if I want to eat whatever I want I can but there needs to be a limit. I try to not even weigh myself strictly go off how my body feels. I ask these questions…

  1. Do I feel bloated?
  2. Is my skin looking healthy
  3. Am I drinking enough water
  4. How am I sleeping
  5. Am I getting my exercise
  6. How’s my overeating

All these questions help me understand if I am living the healthy lifestyle I want. I took weight out of the factor because if I follow these questions then I know the side effects will include weight loss.

I also have been looking into endomorph metabolism. I’m not hating intermittent fasting I am having headaches but I don’t drink enough water as always. I’m working towards keto again and a better mindset so I don’t end up putting myself in a bad way.

Next week, I have a goal of only spending $100 on food next week. I’m curious to see what happens.


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