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Intermittent Fasting and Keto Plan 2.0

Last October, I worked towards following the keto diet, I didn’t care how successful I was I simply wanted to make it longer than a week. I was able to do it for about 4-5 months. I became so obsessed with losing weight that I burned myself out so I spent the following months working on my disordered eating. I have to say I’m finally back into recovery and ready to go for it again. I gained the weight back but I learned more than ever. So here I am back at it again with a prepared mindset.

Starting June 23rd I will be doing my 30 days of keto for the next 6 months. If I am able to stick to it then I’ll continue but if not my endocrinologist was talking about doing something for it one of which is weight loss surgery. But he wants me to try it a bit more since I did have success before and knows I just need to have the moment where it clicks. I’m not giving up. I put together this plan of phases that will accommodate for disordered eating and turn my “dieting” into a lifestyle so I am able to continue the habits even when I lose weight.

Intermittent Fasting – I have spent the past few weeks working on intermittent fasting and adjusting my eating habits to eating 8 hours a day while fasting the other 16 hours. I believe intermittent fasting is perfect for me because I’m a snacker and want to be cut back on the volume of food I eat. It also has helped my hunger cues; when I’m hungry, I know them to be true. It actually hasn’t been bad at all. The only issue I have is bloating but I’m thinking by adding keto that will alleviate that issue. I would say I’m well adjusted. My hunger is way more manageable.

Back to Ketosis – I will be starting up the keto diet on Thursday simply because I want to eat the rest of the food in my fridge. I really enjoy the keto diet my only issue with it is how much work it takes to meal prep. It’s not easy to simply cook something. I currently have about 30 recipes I want to try and plan on trying more. I am hoping to get back into a ketosis state in 3-7 days; I’m not sure how it’s going to work out since I’ve done keto multiple times. I am hoping it doesn’t take long.

KETO OMAD – After I’m adjusted to ketosis I will strive for keto OMAD which is one meal a day. It’s a mixture of intermittent fasting and ketosis. I know normally people bite the bullet and simply do it but I’m working with my disordered eating. I want to make it fit into my life, not the other way around. Honestly, not sure when I’ll be able to fit it in but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Food Sensitivities – When I’m comfortable with eating OMAD I am expecting the need to take a food sensitivity test. I have done one before but I would like a more intensive test. I believe my issue isn’t the calories in my food but what I’m eating. For example, if I ate 600 calories of gluten-filled food then I probably would gain weight even though it’s only 600 calories.

80/20 Clean Eating – Once I’m comfortable with OMAD and I know what my body doesn’t like then I’ll strive for 80% of my meals being clean keto while 20% I can eat whatever keto foods I want. By this time I should have tons of recipes under my belt.

Carb Cycling – There will be a point where I struggle with a weight loss plateau so I am going to incorporate carb cycling. This basically means I’ll add sweet potato, banana, or even oatmeal one day so I can get healthy carbs and “shake” my metabolism.

Calorie/Macro Tracking – I am hoping I don’t have to do this as it’s not recommended for disordered eating and it’s not a natural way of eating. But my plan for this is after I lose a bunch of weight and I’m struggling to lose that last bit I’ll check my calories and macros to make sure I’m good.

The last ones will probably be interchangeable or even happen at the same time. But overall I believe this plan and mindset will help me lose 50lbs in 6 months. I will also be trying to go to the gym once a week. I’m not trying to be restrictive but instead, focus on eating food that helps me. For this I have managed to come up with rewards, I’m actually awful with rewards.

I’m hoping by having actual rewards will help also. I have disordered eating so I am trying my best to make it about just eating better and working out. I am not striving to be perfect or anything. I’m not going to be like someone who eats boiled chicken and steamed vegetables. I’m going to try to eat a normal keto lifestyle. I also will try my best to not weigh myself daily but simply once a month. I am looking forward to starting and I have prepared myself for the first week.

One day at a time, one step.


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