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Perfect Technically Keto Meal

First of all let say technically keto is basically following all the keto diets under one. So I can have days of clean to dirty. Idea came from the Keto Twins (check them out on youtube they’re great). But today is my second day of KETO OMAD one meal a day. And I’m over the hill. I have managed to have the perfect omad meal so I wanted to share.

What I have here is zucchini lasagna, 3 fat bombs, lettuce with ranch, and crunchy mozzarella sticks. I had to increase my calories because I couldn’t make the full 24 hours so I wanted to make sure I hit my macros.

Calories – 1400 fat – 70% protein – 25% and carbs – 5%

I was able to have the perfect keto meal with all my day’s calories for my keto omad meal. I am hoping to hit 24 hours fasting tomorrow. I haven’t had the keto flu. I have lost weight and will share that later. But I feel like this is clicking because I naturally did this. All my research and attempts have paid off. My plan is to increase my water consumption. If I can eat like this every day then I would easily lose 2lbs a week.

I officially have a meal I can kind of reference that my brain has been trained to think of.


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