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Keto 2.0 First Week Completion

On June 23rd I started ketosis and intermittent fasting. Last October I was doing the keto diet and made it 4 months before my mental self had me fall off track then I took a few months to set my mindset better. I wanted to make sure if I started keto again that this is the decision I plan on sticking to and having my lifestyle be majority keto/low carb. I’ve been a bit nervous this time around but I have to say the last week went through very easily.

I want to focus on the positives. I weighed myself every day which needs to stop. I will say I am still trying to figure things out. Such as servings sizes. But I have been able to achieve keto OMAD and it’s pretty easy to go 20 hours without food.

I’m trying to rid my mind of this belief that I’ll lose a lot of weight fast. It’s going to take a few weeks to see how well I’m really doing. It’s definitely a mental battle. I’m doing what I need to do; exercise, water, and one meal a day. Everything is keto-friendly.

I’m really hoping by not weighing myself this next week then I’ll lose more weight because I’m doing everything right. But I also have to remember that 7 pounds are pretty good for one week that’s one pound a day. I need to remember healthy weight loss a month is around 8 pounds which should always be my goal for the month.

I will say the food is coming naturally and my cravings are non-existent so far. I really need to drink more water though. I’m taking it one day at a time and adjusting to the new habits.


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