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I joined Calibrate!

I joined Calibrate at the end of July and I have been on the process of starting my Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program. It is basically Noom but with GLP medications. Cheaper than weight loss surgery.

I wouldn’t consider it like a normal weight loss program. It’s basically a year-long program that helps build up habits while guaranteeing you lose at least 10% of your body weight. You met with a coach biweekly to go over the goal for the next two weeks and any issues.

I don’t think it’s for everyone but I do think it’s perfect for me because I don’t want someone to hold my hand but I do like the thought of someone checking up on me. Plus you also do these classes to learn more. There’s so much more to the program but I am enjoying it so far.

I haven’t really started. I have started with my first goal which is only 60 ounces of water daily. I also had labwork done and met with the doctor. I was prescribed Metformin for insulin resistance and it has definitely helped me. Due to insurance and how I’m going through Calibrate for the GLP medication I should receive it within the next 5 weeks. I know that’s a while but there’s a recent shortage of the medication and insurance companies struggle to cover them since it’s not under the affordable health act.

It’s not a diet actually you can eat whatever you want but you follow a meal plan instead. About learning to limit certain foods while increasing consumption of others. I will say I’m probably staying towards low carb because of the medications.

They sent you this scale that is connected to your phone. I will say it’s been interesting to see my daily weight. At this point, I would say I’m not too concerned about weighing myself. Like it doesn’t affect my self-esteem because man my weight fluctuates so much. So I have the overall weight loss and the calories burned and it helped me notice my eating habits were my downfall.

Hopefully, this all works out. I currently have 5% weight loss goals for every 3 months. That’s about a goal of 20% weight loss in one year. It doesn’t seem that much while over a year it will.


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