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Still trying to lose weight…

Good news….I reversed my high blood pressure!!! Woohoo!! I can run 3 miles again!!!! Woohoo!!! I am eating less and more active!!! Woohoo!

A year ago I made a promise to myself that I would give myself 3 years to lose 100 pounds or I would seek medical attention. Well, I tried the keto diet which I loved but my cravings burned me out. Then my health wasn’t doing well. Then I joined a weight loss program.

So far the weight loss program has been helpful. Definitely with my mindset. I’ve lost about 4 pounds since joining (so about in one month I’m losing 1.25 pounds a week). No complaints here. I do wish I could lose faster but I know that’s unrealistic. I’m trying to keep it off. I’m also eating whatever I want, just trying to eat more whole foods. I start my medication for it in October hopefully if all the insurance and costs pan out. When I’m on those meds I’m expected to lose way more.

I was diagnosed with insulin resistance which makes me feel so much better. That feeling of “even if I eat one bad thing I gain like 10 pounds” makes sense now. It’s insulin resistance. Understanding why I’m gaining weight is helpful.

I actually feel indifferent towards the scale now because I know I’m just using the number to see how my progress is going.

Game plans? Well, I’m waiting to lose a significant amount of weight before doing videos and posts. I want to see some real results before I start trying to give out my story and advice. I love transformation stories.

Ironically I’ve been using the biggest loser as motivation and it’s working. Something about watching people work out. Even though I’m watching it and I can literally see everything wrong with it.


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