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Life is about to drastically change

I am at this point in my life where it’s about to drastically change. I am on this weight loss program and the month of October is when it really takes off. The first months are to adjust and study. Frankly, I am very excited. I don’t have a lot of emotional support in my life but I think I can achieve it.

I have also learned my biggest issue I am a very inconsistent person. I can be disciplined but when it comes to my health I’m inconsistent. And one other roadblock is accepting the love I deserve.

I currently am in love with a guy that will never feel the same way. I could be his perfect ideal mate and he would still find a reason he doesn’t want me. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with this. While it’s helped me not stay with other wrong guys I’m still chasing after this man.

I love him very much but I’m at this point in my life that if he doesn’t want to be the person I need or want I should really move on so I can find someone who does. Maybe I’m scared I won’t meet someone who makes me feel the same way but in reality, I don’t want that. Maybe it’s just fear of ending up alone. But all I know is, he doesn’t see a future with me.

I’ve spent years trying to finally let him go. And I think for once I’ve come to terms that no matter what I do it won’t change anything. Sometimes when we love someone who doesn’t love us, the only thing we can do is let them go.


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