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First Week Back at Keto Diet – Following my Triangle and Goals

For the past week I’ve been doing the keto diet and it’s been the easiest I’ve ever done. To be honest I haven’t even wanted to cheat once. I did go almost six days with soda and even when I had it again it didn’t taste as good as normal. So what’s been different?

I follow this triangle from my calibrate metabolic weight loss program. Basically, I’m trying to stay away from sugar alternatives and food that can cause issues with my metabolism like lunch meat.

One major goal I have this coming up week is with each dinner I want to only eat protein, vegetables, and fat. I feel like following this goal will make keto even easier especially since I’m not following a meal plan. I’m keeping it as simple as possible.

Though I will say my weight hasn’t gone down (yet, and I’m pretty sure I know why) I am feeling tremendously better. My weight though has been the same but in reality, I’ve lost 10% already so I’m not surprised. I have more energy and I’m drinking more water. I’m not obsessed with what I’m eating. I’m hoping by next week my weight will drop which, to be honest, I think it will. I haven’t cheated because I have so many options from keto I want to try and do that frankly I don’t have space for it.

I also track what I eat with my food journal. I highly recommend more people do this, all you have to do is take a photo with your phone and bam you’ve tracked what you eat. Nothing too complicated. I feel like I have managed to turn keto into a lifestyle. But yes, you still need to watch what you eat on keto. Like I even bought uncured bacon. I think that I will be able to lose and hit my goal weight. Just have to get back into keto and only being a week I really won’t see real results until the fourth week.

I still weigh myself daily. I’ve trained myself to treat it as data and not allow it to affect my emotions. My skin looks better.

I’m looking forward to hitting my fourth week without cheating (which honestly at this point I don’t think I will).


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