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My Current Weight Loss

I wanted to share my current weight loss. I have a trend of going down in my weight which is awesome. I’ve highlighted significant spots.

The pink highlight was a week after my last Mounjaro shot. The green highlight is when I started the keto diet again. And the yellow highlight was when I added cinnamon and truly cut back on artificial sweeteners. The lowest point is at 33 pounds lost. Also the highest points from the yellow highlight I was sick I even took two days off of work.

I’m really happy with my transition from mounjaro to “technically” keto. At first, I was stressing out that my weight wasn’t going to go back down but it clearly is starting to do so. It’s almost like it’s leveling out a bit.

I started to take 1 teaspoon of cinnamon a day to help with my insulin. My fasting insulin is sitting at a 10 and I need it to come down to 9 or 8.

This is why I weigh myself everyday to see these changes I’ve made. I’m really happy that my weight is going back down. I want to lose more weight before I start giving more tips and tricks I’ve learned.


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