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Actually Counting Calories?

So I’ve hit a point in my current weight loss (30 pounds lost) and my weight is sitting comfortably still. It’s really annoying to be honest but I decided to do the one thing I hate the most. Count calories. Wait, wait…hear me out.

I follow a very lazy version of the keto diet. I actually have goals I set that I try to achieve like my most recent one was to cut back on artificial sweeteners. Now, I feel like all this hard work I’ve put into fixing my mentality towards dieting and weight and even just living a healthy lifestyle has all really paid off. How I look at food or even hunger is completely different than last year. It’s quiet interesting to know that “uhmm I never looked at things this way before.”

I currently track what I’m eating, not calories. Photos of my food have been the best tracking system ever. But now that I’m more aware of what I eat every day I think it’s time to try to cut back on my proportions. You’re probably thinking why not just jump into the deep end. Well, that restrictive mindset won’t get me there. It’s like trying to run before you know how to walk. Well, that’s how it feels for my body and me. I’ve lost 30 pounds in six months and I’m keeping them off. That’s ultimately the goal to lose the weight and keep it off.

This morning, I actually input my eating from the past three days. It was actually really easy. I’m definitely eating too much. I felt like yesterday I did really well and technically I did but my calories were a bit too high. Then my protein and fat weren’t high enough. So, I’m thinking of tracking what I’m eating and trying to focus on eating more protein and fat while eating less carbs. Really diving into the keto diet a bit more strict. But at the same time I’m not trying to restrict simply use it as a mindful tool. I’m not aiming for anything I’m simply eating when I’m hungry and tracking it.

With practice, it’ll become easier. I have a goal of eventually eating only one meal a day. I would love to not have to think about food so much. I feel a lot more hopeful than ever before.


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  1. Great job on your weight loss journey! It’s inspiring to see how you’ve changed your mindset towards food and how you’re using tracking as a mindful tool to continue making progress towards your goals. Keep up the good work!

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