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Small Victories

I believe that when you are losing weight then you need to really appreciate the small victories. It’s almost like small positive reinforcement. So I wanted to take the time to acknowledge them.

  1. I’ve been losing weight consistently and with thyroid issues I think that’s just the greatest feeling ever.
  2. I’m losing fat in the strangest spots like my shoulders, neck, hands, and feet.
  3. I would say I’m no longer addicted to soda. I can go a few days without even wanting one.
  4. I have changed my mindset of treat vs cheat. I don’t mind having treats every once in a while and cheats are saved for big moments. When I do cheat I make sure my following meal is high in protein.
  5. 90% of my eating has been clean and whole foods.
  6. Cravings are way more manageable.
  7. More in tune with my body makes eating and everything so much easier when you know what your body needs and doesn’t.
  8. My proportions have drastically changed without feeling starved.
  9. I drink water more easily (honestly have no idea why I struggle so much with water)
  10. I would say I don’t turn to food as much for emotional reasons.
  11. I’ve been counting calories without being obsessed

Putting your work into perspective is very helpful because it makes you realize how much you have done. And still have much more to do.


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