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Treats, Cheats, and Temptations

I recently had an epiphany about how a lot of foods that processed are meant to have additives that make you want more. And whenever I’m craving those foods I remind myself that am I actually wanting the food or the additives. This mentality has helped me stay away from foods that I deem hurtful to my body.

Now I’m not saying you can’t have a slice of cake every once in a while but if you give into that carb addiction and then proceed to eat it more occasionally then you have a problem. I try not to vilify foods but also understand every food serves its own nutritional purpose.

I do a couple things to help my brain and body be comfortable with foods that have caused me to become obese. Surprisingly, I’m not a big pasta or bread person. Actually, I’m guilty of eating more sugary and fried foods. It’s actually been a while since I’ve had anything fried.

I have certain criteria for certain foods to help me lose weight without having toxic “diet culture” mentality. Since I follow the keto diet I have foods that are treats which basically mean they are a dirty keto-friendly food or anything higher carbs. Then I have cheats; those are foods that are completely non-keto friendly. I recently had movie popcorn that would be considered a cheat. Then you have temptations, I consider those foods that can cause me to want to eat more like diet soda and chocolate. I am trying my best to get away from processed foods to help fix my hunger cues.


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