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This gave me such an amazing feeling…weight loss trick

Currently, my weight loss goal is 5% every 3 months. The reason for this is because an endocrinologist gave me this goal but also it’s a realistic, sustainable weight loss. It helps with 1-2 pounds a week which means you’re losing weight while creating new healthy habits.

I started back in august and I am currently at 13.8%. My 15% goal is May 15th so I am currently right on track, I need to lose another 5 pounds in six weeks. I feel pretty confident I will meet this goal.

About a month ago I did something because I worried that my weight loss was going to stall. I drew the weight that I was trying to hit for the month on a piece of paper. I taped the piece of paper above my desk since I’m constantly at my desk every day. This weight was going to be a new weight since my pre-thyroiditis day (I gained about 50 lbs in 6 months, highly don’t recommend it). I figured this weight was going to be realistic, 5 pounds in one month. It was perfect since my thyroid disease does make it a bit harder to lose weight but not impossible. It would be a weekly weight loss of 1.25 lbs. My thought process was that by seeing this real visual of the number I was trying to work towards that my subconscious would try to make healthier decisions. Just like how it’s recommended you hide food so you’re not tempted to eat it.

I picked a realistic weight goal for the month and this morning I had to take it down to put up my next goal weight! And let me tell you, I was not expecting to feel as good as it did. When I took it down and put up my 15% weight it was so empowering. It was such an amazing moment to see progress in the making like that.

It’s not the number but the act of taking down the paper so I could put up my next goal. To complete in the time frame I wanted was even more exciting.

I know some people would argue weight loss is more than a number and I would agree with you. When you tie together all the tips and tricks I’m doing to improve my health this is one of the many tools that have helped me.

It was just an amazing feeling to replace a new goal weight since I achieved the previous one. I’m still a bit hesitant about the next goal weight but I still feel somewhat confident.

I’ve added an audio version! I am hoping to write longer posts. I believe you should be able to read along.

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