Still trying to lose weight…

Good news....I reversed my high blood pressure!!! Woohoo!! I can run 3 miles again!!!! Woohoo!!! I am eating less and more active!!! Woohoo! A year ago I made a promise to myself that I would give myself 3 years to lose 100 pounds or I would seek medical attention. Well, I tried the keto diet... Continue Reading →

Keto 2.0 First Week Completion

On June 23rd I started ketosis and intermittent fasting. Last October I was doing the keto diet and made it 4 months before my mental self had me fall off track then I took a few months to set my mindset better. I wanted to make sure if I started keto again that this is... Continue Reading →

Perfect Technically Keto Meal

First of all let say technically keto is basically following all the keto diets under one. So I can have days of clean to dirty. Idea came from the Keto Twins (check them out on youtube they're great). But today is my second day of KETO OMAD one meal a day. And I'm over the... Continue Reading →

Keto 2.0 – Day 5

So about 5 days I jumped back into keto lifestyle and let me tell you. Something feels very different this time, it's been easier to eat less and my mental health is doing great. A few things that are different this time around. I was able to get into ketosis in two days which I... Continue Reading →

Recently, I took a break from trying to lose weight. Well more of the goal setting aspect but I still tried to get my mind right with disordered eating. I feel a lot better and wanting to jump back into goal setting. I am trying to make it painless and easy as possible. I'm trying... Continue Reading →

Back at it Again…

A couple months ago I decided to take a break from the keto lifestyle because it appeared I had fallen into the binge cycle of restriction. An unhealthy outlook on eating better. So I spent the two months trying to get my mindset back to focusing on eating better for reasons that aren't related to... Continue Reading →

Intuitive Eating

Let me first say, eating low carbs did wonder for my physical health. My hair, nails, skin, and mood were all regulated better. Unfortunately, I have a mild eating disorder and so diet mentality does affect my brain. I become too obsessed with weight loss in an unhealthy way. I will say I have not... Continue Reading →

How I Plan My Weeks

I thought I break down how I plan out my weeks. Of course, I keep them tentative because life happens but if I set up some how then I won't struggle as much. Meal Planning I am trying to work on my relationship with food and I've found recipes I actually want to eat. I've... Continue Reading →

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