May Have Cracked my Body’s Weight Loss

The past week, I have been counting calories. I took off those stubborn training wheels and really started to ride on. Was my counting calories perfect? Oh, far from perfection but I was able to give myself a range of calories every day. On average I would say I was eating 1400 calories which my... Continue Reading →

The struggle is real…

I'm struggling a bit. I'm trying to get through it but I'm struggling. I haven't felt well the past few days because I ran out of thyroid meds and haven't taken them the way I was supposed to. Finally was able to pick them up so I do feel a bit better today. Another thing... Continue Reading →

UH-OH…dun dun dunnn

I discovered today, that this recipe I eat of Brussel sprouts is around 700 calories...and I'm sitting here thinking how have I not gained weight? And net carbs are around 19g. No wonder my ketones are sitting at 1.0 instead of 2.0. So one of the reasons I want to lose weight is to fix... Continue Reading →

Starting the Ketogenic Diet

I have cycled in and out the ketogenic diet for the past two years. My recent round has lasted over 90 days which for me is extremely impressive. I struggled from thyroid disease and ADHD so you think with these two it would make it near to impossible to stay on track. I mean it... Continue Reading →

Proportion Distortion Awareness

Some of you may be surprised but I am counting calories. I don't want to and I hate it but I have discovered I need it. I'm not going to count calories forever though. I'm actually going to count calories until I am able to make meals and eat every day without going over. Basically,... Continue Reading →

I cheated: What I learned surprised me

Today, I purposely had a cheat meal. I’ll tell you exactly what I ate. Large McDonald’s friesLarge McDonalds Diet CokeDiet Pepsi 20ozOrder of Crab Roll SushiHouse Soup4 Crab RangoonsSour strawsCaramelloHot Chocolate Do I feel guilty? Nope. Will I do it again? Nope. I learned more than I expected but I was also paid attention to... Continue Reading →

80/15/5 Of WeightLoss

You're reading the title and thinking, "what does that mean?" I just recently realized it myself. When you hear about weight loss you'll hear that the work is 80% food and 20% exercise. But I've realized that it's more like 80% diet, 15% exercise, and 5% psychological. When we become overweight there are habits that... Continue Reading →

Rough Week For Keto

This week has been weird. I have good days externally like no problems with work, received great news for work, nothing too stressful, it's about to be Christmas, and no drama. Ate great during the weekend but for some reason, I have been having trouble with sleep. It's been hot in my place because of... Continue Reading →

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