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Calibrate 3rd Goal Results

FYI; I gained weight this past three months. I know I should feel shame but honestly, I'm kind of shocked I didn't gain that much. I moved and my neck was messed up so I had stressful events which is common for weight gain. I didn't eat super well but I'm almost back on track... Continue Reading →

Reverse Neck Curve

Back in high school, I had some shoulder issues that lead me to do physical therapy. Physical therapy wasn't really helping and I would eventually take so much of over the counter pain relief medication that it would mess up my stomach lining. I had these awful hiccups from it. Well, I went to a... Continue Reading →

Life and what’s next

Okay, so I moved into my new place. I love it, it's a great space. Unfortunately, I'm struggling to get back on track. I've gained eight pounds in the past few weeks but I think the majority of that weight gain is inflammation. I seem to have hurt my trapezius muscle. It's getting to the... Continue Reading →

Life So Far…

For the past week, I have not done well with my eating habits and my healthy lifestyle. I haven't been in a good mindset because I'm preparing to move next week. I've been stressed out and my schedule has been very different than what I'm used to. Funny, I've been socializing a lot more than... Continue Reading →

To Whom It May Concern;

This is a conversation between a person with a stranger. The stranger seems to be more understanding and gives the person more guidance in life than expected. They are sitting on a bench in a park. It's a beautiful day. The sky is blue and the birds are chirping. Time stood still for these two... Continue Reading →

Trust Me – A Friend or Foe

Let me share with the world a piece of my soul. Something that makes me feel like... well, like me... Growing up, there was a bundle of unfortunate moments when I felt out of place and alone. I felt as though life didn't make sense. That bad things would happen and I had to deal... Continue Reading →

Social Media hindering my weight loss

So recently I've noticed a lot of the comments I make on my social media accounts have been attracting a lot of argumentive negative people. Normally, the trend would make me think that I'm posting negative comments but I literally posted a wholesome comment on a woman's weight loss of 300 pounds(? I feel like... Continue Reading →

How Magnesium has saved me…

DISCLAIMER I am only a chemist, I am not a dietician or a physician. Please speak to your trusted provider before taking any supplements... I'm only writing about my own experience. The weight loss program I'm following recommended magnesium supplements to help improve sleep since it's almost like a natural muscle relaxer. So I bought... Continue Reading →

Actually Counting Calories?

So I've hit a point in my current weight loss (30 pounds lost) and my weight is sitting comfortably still. It's really annoying to be honest but I decided to do the one thing I hate the most. Count calories. Wait, wait...hear me out. I follow a very lazy version of the keto diet. I... Continue Reading →

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