A friend or foe blog: New Chapter – Fall time

Starting this month, I am going to be doing some new accountability and creativity in my life. This will follow through into my blog. I am looking forward to this but also understand this is tentative. I have an idea but at the same time my life is going through a new transition in a... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss: Always a Battle

I am currently still trying to lose weight. Lately I've been going through some things that have taken my attention away and when it's not it'll weigh heavy on me. I want to lose weight desperately as I have always. I actually have decided to spend my fall going on a hiking trip every weekend.... Continue Reading →

My Life right now…

I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to write about as I've had to deal with a lot in the past recent months. I try to not air all of my dirty laundry for the world to see but I'm tempted as its been weighing heavy on me. There are people who would... Continue Reading →

Broken Hearts

I've been a heartbroken lately. My life has had many highs and lows. I've become good at just living one day at a time. I don't plan too far ahead as I'm not even sure how my life is going to be in a month. And I'm not saying that's a bad thing I've just... Continue Reading →

20lbs in 2 months- KETO STYLE

Drum roll please....I have lost 20lbs in 2 months. I am so proud of myself. All the great things I've changed in my life have helped me tremendously. So where to start? Let me first say this, not all diets work the same for everyone. We all have our own schedules and issues that it's... Continue Reading →

Let Me Be

There you always are, I see you showing up anytime. A coincidence, I think not. Pattern begins to form and I can't get away. My heart is racing and I can't breathe As I wonder what you're going to do to me. I can't break free. I am an animal trapped in a cage. Why... Continue Reading →

Been Feeling Frustrated.

Within the past weeks I would say almost everyday I have felt frustrated. Frustrated at being stuck at 18lbs lost, my job, my social life, and well life in general. I feel like I'm moving in life through mud with each step I take. I see people having it way easier than me while I... Continue Reading →

Believe in yourself

"Believe in yourself and magic can happen."-someone said (not me), not sure who In life, we take risks and in those times we almost have to believe that the best outcome will happen. I wouldn't say I'm an optimistic nor a pessimist. I'm in the middle. Is that cup half full or half empty? Well,... Continue Reading →

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