Keto Expensive?

In behavioral analysis, there is this almost like a technique called reinforcement schedule. This term is more complex than I am going to apply to the keto diet. All you need to understand is the question would you rather receive $50 now or wait and receive $100 later. Keep this in mind. I'm pretty sure... Continue Reading →

What I’ve tried on Keto

I had a roasted cabbage with a spicy mustard dressing. Made scramble eggs and put them on Canadian bacon. Crab stuffed mushrooms. Made sure to make them with real crab meat. Amazing. Blazing chicken sausage with a blue cheese cream sauce. It's good and a bit spicy. I'm probably going to add it cauliflower. I'm... Continue Reading →

Keto Friendly

I recently turned back to the keto diet. I am struggling a lot with my weight which in turn causing health issues that would be lessen if I was a healthier weight. Now, heres the thing. I am familiar with Ketosis due to my biochemistry class in college, we even had to draw the mechanism.... Continue Reading →


For the past month I have been trying to eat less, not skip meals, eat more whole foods, and no eating out. So it's been only about two weeks. So far so good. Like seriously I am starting to feel like something is clicking in my brain for once in my life. I have always... Continue Reading →

Update on my gluten lifestyle

I'm a work in progress in my life in general but I have made an update of how I'm handling my gluten free lifestyle. I've watched countless videos from other content makers to get more tips and tricks. I hope people can get some help from how I am handling it. Heads up, it has... Continue Reading →

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