Keto Friendly

I recently turned back to the keto diet. I am struggling a lot with my weight which in turn causing health issues that would be lessen if I was a healthier weight. Now, heres the thing. I am familiar with Ketosis due to my biochemistry class in college, we even had to draw the mechanism.... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Shopping

I am very happy today because when I went to the dollar store I made a discovery of gluten free strawberry wafers. That would be the last place I would expect to find a food item that was specifically gluten free on purpose with that certified gluten free mark. Now here's what I've learned if... Continue Reading →

Update on my gluten lifestyle

I'm a work in progress in my life in general but I have made an update of how I'm handling my gluten free lifestyle. I've watched countless videos from other content makers to get more tips and tricks. I hope people can get some help from how I am handling it. Heads up, it has... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Update

I am in love with going gluten free. I hit my two month mark this week and let me tell you about my symptoms now. My mood is ten times better like beforehand I would have moments when I would feel so low (as if my serotonin was depleting) but now I haven't had that... Continue Reading →

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