60 Days of Keto

Well, I survived the past month to hit my 60 days of the keto diet...it was a roller coaster of emotions. A weight loss plateau lead to the struggle of staying on track during a holiday week. But I will say I have some pretty great victories to celebrate. First; I gained weight this past... Continue Reading →

Eggs Made Me feel Happy!

I'm not kidding...eggs made me feel better. So today, I had the plan of fasting all day. I bought some Bubbly to help me give up diet soda for a day. I had my 64fl oz water bottle ready to go. During my lunch break, I read up on some articles for PMS symptoms and... Continue Reading →

My Keto Survival Kit

The keto diet is a diet that has been a perfect fit for me. Simple carbohydrates have definitely been an enemy of mine. But like any other diets, keto can be hard to stick to if you aren't well equipped. During this moment, I am trying to get back into ketosis again after a holiday... Continue Reading →

30 Day Keto Completion

In the past, I have tried the keto diet multiple times. The keto diet has always been the best fit for me the only problem was sticking to it. Except for this time. For the past 30 days, I have been doing keto yet again but this time around it felt so different. Both my... Continue Reading →

Keto Expensive?

In behavioral analysis, there is this almost like a technique called reinforcement schedule. This term is more complex than I am going to apply to the keto diet. All you need to understand is the question would you rather receive $50 now or wait and receive $100 later. Keep this in mind. I'm pretty sure... Continue Reading →

Valley of Despair KETO

I watch this one YouTube channel; Keto Twins (they are great for motivation) and in one video they brought up the cycle of emotional change. It can used for any situation of change. Well, for weight loss I am currently sitting in the Valley of Despair. I'm craving everything bad. I don't think it is... Continue Reading →

Accomplished week 3 of Keto

I want to cheat so badly...I'm talking about on my keto diet. I could go for even a donut or some french fries....ooo I could go for some sushi with yum yum sauce. I'll even settle for some crackers and sprite. The cravings are so bad but I am fighting against that urge to eat... Continue Reading →

What I’ve tried on Keto

I had a roasted cabbage with a spicy mustard dressing. Made scramble eggs and put them on Canadian bacon. Crab stuffed mushrooms. Made sure to make them with real crab meat. Amazing. Blazing chicken sausage with a blue cheese cream sauce. It's good and a bit spicy. I'm probably going to add it cauliflower. I'm... Continue Reading →

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