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First Week Back at Keto Diet – Following my Triangle and Goals

For the past week I've been doing the keto diet and it's been the easiest I've ever done. To be honest I haven't even wanted to cheat once. I did go almost six days with soda and even when I had it again it didn't taste as good as normal. So what's been different? I... Continue Reading →

My Current Struggles

I can't really say everything about all my current struggles but after today I am feeling so much better about everything. Basically, I'm having issues with my landlord enough that I will be moving. (All I can say is they crossed a line I'm not comfortable with). I may have found a place today that... Continue Reading →

My 30 pound weight loss so far…

About last August I signed up for a metabolic weight loss program Calibrate. I see a coach every two weeks, follow classes with goals, and I take GLP medication (Mounjaro). I have managed to lose 30 pounds. You don't technically diet, instead, you focus on what you eat. "Red foods" vs "Green Foods" and honestly... Continue Reading →

No More Mounjaro For Me

I have been following a weightloss program called Calibrate along with taking Mounjaro. I had only 3 months left to complete out my mounjaro prescription. I had lost 22 pounds in two months. This is the first time in my whole life I've been successful that I felt like I didn't have to give 500%... Continue Reading →

One More Week!

I have one more week until my first official weight loss goal for my Calibrate metabolic program. I'm so excited because I am only two pounds, a measly two pounds away from hitting it. I'm not too worried since I'll have a solid 5 days plus my biweekly goal is to walk 20 minutes a... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Social Media

I'm currently trying to lose weight and one bad habit of mine is that I scroll endlessly through social media. I'm talking about getting rid of Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and ignoring the comment section on Youtube. I think I'll stick to Pinterest, my blog, and spotify. I've just noticed lately all the content is so... Continue Reading →

First Week of Mounjaro!

I recently started a metabolic weight loss program called Calibrate. Even hands on. Its not like normal weight loss program. This is more about learning how to eat well while having medications to help with weight loss. Mostly for people that are struggling to lose weight even if they are doing everything correctly. I've actually... Continue Reading →

Day Three of Mounjaro

So I started Mounjaro on October 6th.... 1st Day - side effects included decreased appetite, diarrhea (I know TMI but I also know some people will want to know) 2nd Day - Decreased appetite, diarrhea, nausea, and bloating (not sure the bloating is related though) 3rd Day - decreased appetite like major decrease appetite, filling... Continue Reading →

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