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Life and what’s next

Okay, so I moved into my new place. I love it, it's a great space. Unfortunately, I'm struggling to get back on track. I've gained eight pounds in the past few weeks but I think the majority of that weight gain is inflammation. I seem to have hurt my trapezius muscle. It's getting to the... Continue Reading →


You know that saying about move in silence and achieve your goals in private so people don't bring you down. Yeah I'm not that kind of person. I understand the concept of not letting false optimism get in the way of goal achievements. I've been trying to figure what life goals I want to plan.... Continue Reading →

Life So Far…

For the past week, I have not done well with my eating habits and my healthy lifestyle. I haven't been in a good mindset because I'm preparing to move next week. I've been stressed out and my schedule has been very different than what I'm used to. Funny, I've been socializing a lot more than... Continue Reading →

Stressed Out

I am so stressed out currently. I am moving in like two weeks and my weight loss is not going well at the moment. Counting calories while trying to move is not an easy task. Doesn't help that I'm a bit of a perfectionist and all or nothing when it comes to counting calories and... Continue Reading →

Weekend Weight Loss Struggle

During the week I can eat in my calorie range of 1200-1400, I normally lose the most weight during the week. I'm a lot more successful during the week than I am on the weekends. I actually work part-time at a pub on Saturdays so I'm at least socializing and not doing anything. But I've... Continue Reading →

Social Media hindering my weight loss

So recently I've noticed a lot of the comments I make on my social media accounts have been attracting a lot of argumentive negative people. Normally, the trend would make me think that I'm posting negative comments but I literally posted a wholesome comment on a woman's weight loss of 300 pounds(? I feel like... Continue Reading →

Pork Rinds and Maltodextrin

This past weekend I tried a new brand of Pork Rinds, for some reason I couldn't handle eating pork rinds before. I can't handle the texture and knowledge of a pork rind. I'm kind of shocked I'm not a vegetarian sometimes. And this past weekend I bought some pork rinds that had sea salt and... Continue Reading →

Treats, Cheats, and Temptations

I recently had an epiphany about how a lot of foods that processed are meant to have additives that make you want more. And whenever I’m craving those foods I remind myself that am I actually wanting the food or the additives. This mentality has helped me stay away from foods that I deem hurtful... Continue Reading →

Small Victories

I believe that when you are losing weight then you need to really appreciate the small victories. It's almost like small positive reinforcement. So I wanted to take the time to acknowledge them. I've been losing weight consistently and with thyroid issues I think that's just the greatest feeling ever. I'm losing fat in the... Continue Reading →

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