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New Approach

I am going to be taking a new approach this week. I'm pretty sure I have some gastritis going on (for those who don't know it's inflammation of the stomach lining). I had it in college and it was so bad I thought I had appendicitis; they had given me 2 IV bags. It's because... Continue Reading →

New youtube channel

I have created a new youtube channel to make videos relating to my health and keto. I wanted a new channel that the name encompasses better and I want a fresh new channel. I will be posting blogs on here and videos on there. As of right now, the only video I have planned is... Continue Reading →

My diet…

I'm currently only eating keto foods but whatever keto foods I want to eat. I'm trying to get used to the keto foods as though they are my normal diet. Then I will start counting calories again. Weirdly this week I go through moments where I'm not hungry as though I'm on GLP medication. I'm... Continue Reading →

May 24th What I Eat in a Day

I did three days in a row of tracking my food. I've lost about 3 pounds. My appetite has decreased and I have a bit more energy. I'm not clean keto FYI. My current plan is to get back into the habit of eating low carb then in two weeks its time to count calories... Continue Reading →

Back On Track

A few weeks ago I moved to a new place and yes I do like it here. Unfortunately, I hurt my neck in the process which kind of screwed up my plans for the month of May. Now after 3x a week of physical therapy, I would say I'm getting back to normal. Three weeks... Continue Reading →

Calibrate 3rd Goal Results

FYI; I gained weight this past three months. I know I should feel shame but honestly, I'm kind of shocked I didn't gain that much. I moved and my neck was messed up so I had stressful events which is common for weight gain. I didn't eat super well but I'm almost back on track... Continue Reading →

Reverse Neck Curve

Back in high school, I had some shoulder issues that lead me to do physical therapy. Physical therapy wasn't really helping and I would eventually take so much of over the counter pain relief medication that it would mess up my stomach lining. I had these awful hiccups from it. Well, I went to a... Continue Reading →

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