Why I am not counting calories…

Recently, I was counting calories for a solid two weeks. I was doing well but all of the sudden this week that feeling of "I want whatever I want to eat" feeling came back. I haven't dealt with that feeling since my first month of dieting. There's something about counting calories that makes things hard... Continue Reading →

May Have Cracked my Body’s Weight Loss

The past week, I have been counting calories. I took off those stubborn training wheels and really started to ride on. Was my counting calories perfect? Oh, far from perfection but I was able to give myself a range of calories every day. On average I would say I was eating 1400 calories which my... Continue Reading →

The struggle is real…

I'm struggling a bit. I'm trying to get through it but I'm struggling. I haven't felt well the past few days because I ran out of thyroid meds and haven't taken them the way I was supposed to. Finally was able to pick them up so I do feel a bit better today. Another thing... Continue Reading →

UH-OH…dun dun dunnn

I discovered today, that this recipe I eat of Brussel sprouts is around 700 calories...and I'm sitting here thinking how have I not gained weight? And net carbs are around 19g. No wonder my ketones are sitting at 1.0 instead of 2.0. So one of the reasons I want to lose weight is to fix... Continue Reading →

Starting the Ketogenic Diet

I have cycled in and out the ketogenic diet for the past two years. My recent round has lasted over 90 days which for me is extremely impressive. I struggled from thyroid disease and ADHD so you think with these two it would make it near to impossible to stay on track. I mean it... Continue Reading →

Proportion Distortion Awareness

Some of you may be surprised but I am counting calories. I don't want to and I hate it but I have discovered I need it. I'm not going to count calories forever though. I'm actually going to count calories until I am able to make meals and eat every day without going over. Basically,... Continue Reading →

I cheated: What I learned surprised me

Today, I purposely had a cheat meal. I’ll tell you exactly what I ate. Large McDonald’s friesLarge McDonalds Diet CokeDiet Pepsi 20ozOrder of Crab Roll SushiHouse Soup4 Crab RangoonsSour strawsCaramelloHot Chocolate Do I feel guilty? Nope. Will I do it again? Nope. I learned more than I expected but I was also paid attention to... Continue Reading →

80/15/5 Of WeightLoss

You're reading the title and thinking, "what does that mean?" I just recently realized it myself. When you hear about weight loss you'll hear that the work is 80% food and 20% exercise. But I've realized that it's more like 80% diet, 15% exercise, and 5% psychological. When we become overweight there are habits that... Continue Reading →

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