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80/15/5 Of WeightLoss

You’re reading the title and thinking, “what does that mean?” I just recently realized it myself. When you hear about weight loss you’ll hear that the work is 80% food and 20% exercise. But I’ve realized that it’s more like 80% diet, 15% exercise, and 5% psychological.

When we become overweight there are habits that get us there so when we try to lose weight not only do we have to create new habits but end old ones. It’s normally the old ones that catch up to us. I’ve gone through so many moments of high emotions. The internal battle of “I can do this” and “I don’t need to eat that.” I also have moments of trying to repair my own relationship with my body. My body treats me better than I treat it when I should be treating it better since it’s all that I have.

Each month is getting easier. Each meal and each day. All of it combined is getting easier. My impatience is easier to control. But losing weight is definitely a long marathon. I have changed a lot of how I look at food. To be honest, food isn’t all that hard to say no to anymore. I also see certain foods as ways to help my body. Like how I discovered eggs help my cortisol and serotonin. Or how increasing my protein helps sustain me over longer. Or how I don’t need to eat all day long.

It’s amazing how much more I have learned about food and nutrition. I even learned some more about gastrointestinal hormones today. I look forward to continuing to learn more so it’s easier to be healthier.

But those moments when you feel weak, want to quit, and just drive to get dinner because the new recipe you cooked tastes awful. You want to just get in your car and pick up some fast food because you’re tired and hungry. That’s a moment of dealing with the psychological of saying no. Or when you’re surrounded by people eating pastries and sweets but you know if you have one you’ll fall off the wagon since everyone else is eating. Or even when you see an ad for a juicy burger and fries (that don’t actually look or taste like that) you are having to say no.

Also the psychological of dealing with acceptance of self-worth and improving your self-esteem as you watch your weight go down. Dreaming of things you haven’t done because of your weight that you will be able to do after the weight loss.

There’s even dealing with the psychological of making sure you keep the weight off. You can’t have the mentality that you are going to do it for a few months then go back to normal. It’s about eating better for the rest of your life. There’s a lot of emotions in that. You have to believe in yourself and want to treat yourself better. It won’t solve all your problems but it will help lessen your suffering in life.

I’m not even going to go into how mood changes with your diet. Even your own personality could change a few because you may not feel crappy all the time anymore from carb overload.

It’s 80% diet, 15% exercise, and 5% mental.


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