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Crisp day at the end of september

I have ended my relationship with my ex. We dated in college and stayed friends over the years except I was getting tired of how I was being treated. I feel like we need to move on.

So I’m trying my best to move on. I’m giving myself this weekend as a grace period to grieve. Then on October 3rd, I start my metabolic jumpstart “diet” and my weight loss medication on October 10th.

I would say a majority of my issues all relate to my weight. Even my finances. I am hoping everything works out. I am very hopeful. The medication will not make me lose weight instead it will change how my blood reacts to food and regulate my blood sugar. With the healthy lifestyle changes then I should lose weight. I’m so excited, to be honest. I’m ready to have more energy and do more with my life.

My ex though…it’s complicating. I want to be happy but then I feel guilty for being relieved. Of course, I love him but we just didn’t feel the same way about each other.

I think I’m going to feel lonely for a few weeks then I’ll be okay. October is a great month for me, I’m a huge horror fan and I love Halloween. I am really excited about next month though.

I have some ideas for some blogs even researched articles. I look forward to showing everyone though. I recently did a presentation at work that I think made a lot of people happy and entertained while being informed. Which then I was able to learn how I want to make some videos.


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