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Back at it Again…

A couple months ago I decided to take a break from the keto lifestyle because it appeared I had fallen into the binge cycle of restriction. An unhealthy outlook on eating better. So I spent the two months trying to get my mindset back to focusing on eating better for reasons that aren’t related to vanity and unrealistic expectations.

I worked on the recovery and putting my mindset right again. It was about correcting my brain from being an all or nothing and fixing that low self-esteem towards my body.

But I’m back at the keto diet again. This time it’s not about weight loss at all. I really enjoy the keto diet and I enjoy the side effects it gives me. Its actually already easier to follow the keto diet.

Reasons I’m following a keto lifestyle…

  1. My skin; I get these head sores (I believe are from gluten which I really need to go get blood work done but my doctor told me the one day just stay away from gluten if it helps). I also have bad acne when I ate carbs that take forever to heal. My hair and nails also become more healthier when I’m in ketosis.
  2. Inflammation and sore joints; when I’m in ketosis my body feels more free-ing. Like there isn’t this weight crushing me down.
  3. Thyroid…so after two months of not following keto my TSH actually doubled. Fatigue was coming back and my appetite was crazy.
  4. Hypertension; I’ve been having blood pressure issues, it’s getting better but I still am having issues. I really don’t want to go on blood pressure medicine.
  5. Mental Health; when I follow the keto diet my mood is more easily manageable. I struggle from ADHD and if it goes unchecked it can be very difficult to deal with.
  6. Bloating; my favorite reason, I feel like I bloat so easily
  7. Digestive System; my dad struggles with food sensitivities and I believe I’m developing the same kind.
  8. Lower appetite means less food which means less spending on food

I will not be weighing myself (only at my doctor’s appointments). The point of living the keto lifestyle is for my body and mind but not my looks. I feel like if I take away the pressure of some kind of end goal then I’ll be more successful.

I think this is why I don’t feel the keto diet is a diet since it provides more than just weight loss. And with how much chemicals are added to food now a days I would love to be able to control my eating habits a bit more.

Basically, I will eat whatever I want as long as it’s keto friendly. There are so many substitutions also. And if I want to eat something non-keto friendly its not the end of the world.

There’s no end goal and there are only victories along the way.


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