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Tips & Tricks I do to drink more water

Glup, Glup. Sip, sip. The body is made up of approximately 60% water on a good day well, assuming you’re not counting all the H2 and OH. If you’re anything like me drinking water is something of a hard task. I have to be completely thirsty to ever want water. Its hard for me to drink water it really is. So I’ve had to learn ways to get my water consumption in every day. Staying hydrated is a critical part of my human physiology.

I wanted to list how I manage to do….FYI I’m not an expert in nutrition or anything. But I did work in a wet chemistry lab where we did taste waters that’s all I’m allowed to say…like legally speaking of course. Anyway, drinking water can sometimes be hard for people.


I’ve actually learned to trick my brain into thinking that if I can drink just one cup of water daily I would be good to go. So I bought one of those large water bottles and honestly it did work.

TWO: Flavor your water

Seriously, they make some flavored water like Propel or whatever. Find a flavor you enjoy but be careful about added sugar. Some people will even buy their own diffuses. I’m not a fan of those because I don’t why.

THREE: Drink your tea

It’s the same as flavoring your water but tea is such a great idea anyway…

FOUR: Go Bubbly

I mean still the same thing with flavoring but be careful with carbonation. I actually enjoy Bubly the actual brand and everything.

FIVE: Replace your soda and juices with water….

Well, I know this is easier said than done but replace your soda with water. I’ve learned I’m better at drinking more water when I don’t drink soda.

SIX: Take a shot of water

I can’t explain this one too well, basically, I am able to drink more when I take water in a shot glass. Maybe because it goes down faster. Not sure. But it truly works.

SEVEN: Drink throughout the day

I guess this one should be first but anyway….staying hydrated throughout the day is easier plus keeps you feeling full. Rumor has it that thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger.

EIGHT: Find a filter or pH you enjoy

Okay, this one is all science. Drinking water pH is normally between 6-8 which is neutral. But I have discovered I like my water above 8, I enjoy a more “basic” (it’s still neutral) flavor from my water. I recommend ordering some pH strips on amazon and testing different waters. And for those who say all water taste the same, I’m sorry to inform you that water is not all the same and is treated differently. If we had 100% water you would probably get sick. There’s even distilled water, deionized water, nanopure water (the filter is on the nano size). There’s a lot that goes into that and frankly, I’m not going to give you a chemistry lesson.


Sometimes, it comes down to I just need to do it. Water is important. We actually can’t survive without water for longer than three* days (I’m guessing, that’s what I’ve heard, check that info but I know it’s shorter than food).

All and all it comes down to creating that habit. These tips are what I do for myself, I’m sure people out there have other tips and tricks.


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