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Keto 2.0 – Day 5

So about 5 days I jumped back into keto lifestyle and let me tell you. Something feels very different this time, it’s been easier to eat less and my mental health is doing great. A few things that are different this time around.

  1. I was able to get into ketosis in two days which I only had keto chow shakes during those two days. I was not expecting it to work out so well
  2. Intermittent fasting definitely has changed things for me. It’s made it easier to eat less and not be so worried about food all the time. Almost like during my fasting period I try to avoid the thought of food and focus on getting fluids instead.
  3. I chew on a straw. I’m not kidding. At night when the blood sugar is supposedly decreasing, I will chew on a straw. It gives my mouth something to do so I’m not distracted by the thought of eating. It works. I know it’s weird but hey it works.
  4. I do take Glucomannan to give my stomach that false sense of fullness during the morning and at night. That’s been helping.
  5. I don’t keep track of anything besides my ketones (which only happens because my monitor stores it). I’m doing it on purpose because I’m trying to trust myself to have more control. Plus I don’t want my brain to feel like I need to be a perfectionist. I’m going with the flow while having the intention of eating less and eating better. So much easier.
  6. I don’t have any cravings…yet. I’m really hoping I don’t end up with cravings but they seem more manageable than ever.

The only thing left for me to do is go to the gym which I’m kind of worried about how that will go. But I have to remember while I’m there not to push myself and simply work out. No real end goal except keep going. I’m enjoying the process of weight loss which is great to have too. I technically have lost 7lbs even though I’m not supposed to be looking. I’m hoping to lose more than 12 pounds this month.

Eat less, eat better – one day at a time


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