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Weightloss with Calibrate and Keto

Six months ago; I started my calibrate weight loss program. I was on Mounjaro from October to January and for the past month, I’ve only been on the Keto diet attached to their triangle (basically I don’t eat as much processed foods). I hit my second goal weight of 10%! To be honest this has just made me feel so amazing. This last week I actually could feel the weight loss too!

Being on a GLP medication definitely helped my insulin resistance along with correcting some of my poor eating habits. Honestly, first time in my whole life I don’t worry about food. I trust in myself to make the right choices when it matters. I don’t binge. I’m able to stay away from fast food easily. The only thing left I have to conquer is being able to say no to artificial sweeteners such as diet soda. That’s about all that’s left.

My taste buds are very different. I made seasoned chicken cooked in avocado oil and steamed broccoli; it tasted amazing. I was shocked since it was such an easy meal. I’ve come a long way. I don’t snack as much. I don’t overeat as much. Though I do seem to eat more on the weekends since they are less structured.

The keto diet really has been perfect for me. I look forward to hitting my 15% on May 15th and hopefully be able to share more tips and tricks. But the satisfaction of losing 30 pounds and keeping them off for six months is just like I don’t know how to describe it but it’s the best feeling in the world. I’m not losing it fast and honestly that’s how I’ve been able to change my eating habits so drastically. I’ve been patient with myself.

One more goal of mine is to start looking into more recipes for keto that focus on vegetables and protein. Being able to enhance my keto-based meals. That’s how I’m able to stay away from non-keto friendly foods because I have so many things on a list to try.

I’m looking forward to losing so more weight. I have a major goal to hit in the next week that I just want to hit one day. I’m pretty proud of myself and looking forward to see how much better I only get.


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