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I’ve Been Too Relaxed

So I have a goal weight I want to reach this month, its completely realistic also. It will also be a new weight since pre-thyroiditis. I am very excited to reach it and honestly see no reason I couldn’t. Unless I started to eat an only-carb diet which definitely will not happen. I have the next days planned out but nothing too special.

I’ve been a bit too relaxed to the point it’s making my weight fluctuate around the same weight for a few weeks now. I am happy with my progress. I eat way healthier than I ever have before. I would say I know the correct proportion sizes and careful about what I put in my body. So I’m thinking of pushing myself a bit more next week to see how I do.

My meal plan for next week

Eggs Bacon Avocado Strawberries 2 Cinnamon Sugar TortillaEgg Bites Ratio BarEggs Bacon Avocado Strawberries 2 Cinnamon Sugar TortillaEgg Bites Ratio BarEggs Bacon Avocado Strawberries 2 Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla
Taco CasseroleTaco CasseroleTaco CasseroleChicken casseroleChicken casserole
Brussel Sprouts
Peanut Butter Pie
Broccoli Peanut Butter PieBrussel Sprouts
Peanut Butter Pie

I’m going to track my carbs since it should be easy. But I feel like this plan fits my normal hunger levels well and my work schedule. Also, the proportion sizes should be right. Enough to hold me over in between meals. I also bought some sparkling water to help in between.

Then I have strength training I need to do. I’ve become bored with the normal work out videos I do so I took his style to set my own. I will complete this along with whatever extra time to get in some steps. It needs to be 20-30 minutes.

30 seconds on – 15 seconds rest  
Reverse Crunches
Push ups
Bridge Pose
Lying side leg raises
Russian Twists

Between having the strength training and the meal plan I should be able to meet my calibrate weekly goals. I will also take photos of meals which should also be easy.

One other thing I have in mind. Since I should have some extra time I am going to focus on another hobby of mine. Horror films. I’m writing movie reviews and eventually make them into movie review videos. They will be just for my entertainment but maybe if they are good enough I’ll share publicly. I also will be picking up some paint brushes to finish a paint by number. And have a book I want to finish. Also need to declutter my apartment since I’ll be moving soon.

I believe with the meal planning and the exercise I have been able to set up a week of smooth sailings. I am hoping to lose a lot of weight by following all of this.


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